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Generate Onboarding Flows

Gusto Embedded Payroll Flows are embeddable pre-built UI flows that allow you to easily onboard company and employee information needed to set up a customer for payroll. Flows can be used to accelerate your time to market and save your team weeks of engineering resources.

After you’ve passed all of the company and employee information you collect using our API, you will generate a link to access Gusto’s Onboarding Flows (Pre-built UI) using the create a flow endpoint so that the user can complete any remaining steps. If no company or employee information was passed in advance using our API, all required fields can be input by the user via the flow.

  "flow_type": "company_onboarding",
  "entity_type": "Company",
  "entity_uuid": "company_uuid"

Company state tax details does not exist as public APIs yet and therefore must be completed using Gusto’s Onboarding Flows (Pre-built UI). State tax information will be needed for every state that an employee is physically working from. Each state has its own requirements when it comes to IDs and tax rates. You can reference our state tax table to determine what information is needed for each state.

Learn more about Gusto's Flows and see them in action here.

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