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W2 Employee Forms

There are a variety of employee forms that are required during different stages of employment.

All forms that are supported via the API can be retrieved using the GET employees/{employee_uuid}/forms endpoint.


All Onboarding forms must be signed before an employee is paid using the PUT forms/{form_uuid}/sign endpoint.

DocumentDescriptionAPI Support
Federal W4W-4 Employee Withholding Allowance: This document records the employee's federal tax withholding allowance.Yes
State W4This document records the employee's state tax withholding allowance.No
Direct Deposit AuthorizationThis document authorizes Gusto to initiate debits and credits from a bank account in order to pay people. If payment_method = Direct Deposit, requires a signature.Yes
I-9This document records a person's authorization to work in the USA.No
New Hire ReportThis document reports new hires to the state where someone is employed (for example in California this is form DE-34)Yes


To get Employee paystubs, use the GET payrolls/{payroll_uuid}/employees/{employee_uuid}/pay_stub endpoint.

DocumentDescriptionAPI Support
PaystubsEach paystub includes gross earnings, employee and employer taxes, employee benefits and deductions, employer contributions, time off taken and accrued, reimbursements, and your check amount. The taxes on your paystub may vary if your gross pay changes paycheck to paycheck. Your net pay is the remaining amount of gross pay after taxes, benefits, and any deductions are made. Due to PII and PHI you must deliver paystubs through a secure method.Yes

End of Year

DocumentDescriptionAPI Support
W2This document reports annual wages, taxes, deductions, and other salary information.
The information on your W-2 is needed when preparing your federal income tax return—Forms W-2 are available in mid-January for the previous calendar year.
W2-CAn amended version of the W2, should any changes occur after the original W2 is issued.Yes