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Payroll Events

When subscribed to the Payroll webhooks you will receive the following events:

payroll.createdPayroll has been created
payroll.updatedPayroll has been updated
payroll.calculatedPayroll has been calculated
payroll.submittedPayroll has been submitted and the request will be received and processed by Gusto.
payroll.processedPayroll has been validated and has finished processing. The company will be debited on the expected debit date.
payroll.paid**Payroll credits have been generated and payments will be made.
payroll.reversedPayroll debits have been fully reversed, and the payroll will be cancelled.
payroll.partially_reversedPayroll debits have been partially reversed.
payroll.cancelledPayroll has been cancelled.

** Event is not triggered in the demo environment.

Example payload

  "event_type": "payroll.updated",
  "resource_type": "Company",
  "resource_id": 7756341741171842,
  "resource_uuid": "5df911a0-e8e9-412d-8aaf-a46ad193dd96",
  "entity_type": "Payroll",
  "entity_id": 7757842011281647,
  "entity_uuid": "c02f2c32-34f7-4128-9145-7d49f0c3f355",
  "timestamp": 1671058841