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Create a flow

Generate a link to access a pre-built workflow in Gusto white-label UI. For security, all generated flows will expire within 1 hour of inactivity or 24 hours from creation time, whichever comes first.

scope: flows:write

You can see a list of all possible flow types in our Flow Types guide.

You can also mix and match flow_types in the same category to create custom flows suitable for your needs.

For instance, to create a custom onboarding flow that only includes add_addresses, add_employees, and sign_all_forms steps, simply stitch those flow_types together into a comma delimited string:

  flow_type: "add_addresses,add_employees,sign_all_forms"

Please be mindful of data dependencies in each step to achieve the best user experience.

For more information and in-depth guides review the Getting Started guide for flows.

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