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Added Retrieve invoice data for companies endpoint

Gusto Embedded has added an endpoint to Retrieve invoice data for active companies used to calculate invoices for Gusto Embedded Payroll.


Added font customization for Flows

Gusto Embedded now provides the ability to upload supported font files to customize the fonts used in flows. These custom fonts can be uploaded in your flow settings in your dev portal. Check out the Custom Font for Flows guide for more information.

Added support for gross-up

Gusto Embedded now provides the capability to calculate gross earnings based on net earnings using the off-cycle payroll flow or API. This is primarily used when a payroll admin wishes to pay an employee a specific take-home pay amount, such as in the case of a bonus. Check out the gross-up guide for more information.



Starting in API version 2023-09-01, we provide more granular risk-related payroll blockers. See the updated guide here for the comprehensive list of blockers.


Partner Notification System

We're excited to announce the release of the new Embedded Partner Notification System. To enable you to build and manage custom critical notifications for your end users, we provide new notification webhook event types, as well as two new API endpoints.


Added multiple pay period support

Partners can now build multiple pay schedule support into their embedded offerings! Users can create and edit pay schedules and assign multiple pay schedules by compensation, department or per employee via API and Flow. We have also released an accompanying Manage Pay Schedules Flow. Check out our Manage Pay Schedules API and Flow guides for more information.



Changes for v2023-07-01:



This is the changelog for v2023-06-01, which contains a create pay schedule API breaking change.


Added change pay schedule, transition payroll, skip payroll

Gusto Embedded now supports changing pay schedules, calculating transition payrolls, and skipping payrolls via API! Check out our Manage Pay Schedules API and Flow guides for more information.


Added Next Day Payroll

Gusto Embedded now supports next day payroll! We have added on to our existing endpoint for payment configurations, where you can now pass the payment speed 1-day. There is still the option to add in a faster payment limit, where if in-flight payrolls in a given day exceed that limit, the payrolls will be pushed to a 4-day processing speed for those payrolls. We have also added in a new payment config webhook event that let’s our partners know when a payroll has changed from next day or 2-day back to 4-day.