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Versions prior to `v2023-09-01` have been deprecated

We launched date-based versioning in 2022 to provide additional value to partners and mutual customers alike.


New webhook subscription management in the Developer Portal

You can now create and manage your webhook subscriptions directly in the Developer Portal! This is a new self-serve tool available for each Demo and Production application. The tool will allow you to create, verify, edit, and delete webhook subscriptions. It will provide more insight into the events your subscription is receiving. Each subscription will have a details page with a searchable Event activity table. This table will show the last n events that your subscription received, and will allow you to search those events for specific subscription types. Review our webhooks guide for more info.


Added employee_state_setup and employee_federal_setup flows

Gusto Embedded now supports employee_state_setup and employee_federal_setup flow types. These flows allow employees to update their employee federal or state tax details and removes the other employee setup steps.


Custom Report APIs & Flows

Added the Reports endpoints and reports flow and to create custom reports for a company using custom columns, groupings, and optional filters.


Added additional state_tax, employee_missing_{{state}}_occupational_code, home_and_work_address_are_far_apart, and vt_employee_health_care_coverage categories to Partner Notification System

We've added additional state_tax, employee_missing_{{state}}_occupational_code, home_and_work_address_are_far_apart, new_ein_issued, resign_corrected_az_poa, and vt_employee_health_care_coverage categories to the Embedded Partner Notification System.


Updated external_payroll flow type

Gusto Embedded has updated the external_payroll flow so you can now:


Added new self-serve partner notification testing in Developer Portal

You can now easily test your partner notifications implementation by triggering specific notification events to be sent to your application. This is a new self-serve tool in Developer Portal that is available in demo.


Added system access tokens

Starting from v2024-04-01, we deprecated API Token auth in favor of system access authentication. In addition to making system access more secure, this improvement lets you manage multiple applications per organization and properly perform system-level operations such as creating partner managed companies, subscribing to webhook.


Added resources array to Partner Notification System

We've added a resources (metadata) array to the partner notification payload.


Added employee.rehire_cancelled webhook

We've added the employee.rehire_cancelled webhook to Employee Events