New Endpoints for Customer Migrations

We've launched 2 new endpoints for partners to migrate mutual customers from Gusto to their own Embedded Payroll!


New Documentation

We've improved our API documentation to offer more robust content, clearer organization, and more tools to support development. Keep an eye out for additional content and features to be added in the coming weeks!


Faster Payments: 2-day Payroll Processing

You can now enroll a company in 2-day payroll to pay employees even faster! We've added the update a company's payment configs endpoint for you to enable (or disable) for a company. You can also set payment thresholds for individual companies where if the threshold is hit we default the payroll to 4-day.


Fixed Invitation to join an Organization in the Developer Portal

We discovered an issue with the email key in the invitations to team members to join a developer account. This has been fixed. You can invite team members to join your developer account at anytime from the Organizations tab under Team.


Plaid Verification for Company Bank Accounts

Plaid is now an option in the bank account verification step. With Plaid introduced to the onboarding Flows (pre-built UI), a user can instantly verify their bank account to complete onboarding even faster! The bank account endpoint will also contain the current bank balance and the date when the balance was last pulled.


New Hire Reporting

You can now elect to file a new hire report for a given employee's work state using the update an employee's state taxes endpoint.


Demo Company Approval

You can now approve a company for payroll in Gusto's demo environment after fully completing onboarding via PUT v1/companies/company_uuid/approve.


Modularized Flows

Up until now, our pre-built UI ("Flows") for onboarding was a single flow that captured all of the company and employee information necessary for payroll. Now you can leverage pre-built UI for specific onboarding steps to account for all of the information you already capture in your application.


Employee Form Signing Flow

You can now invite an employee to view and sign their own documents required for payroll using our Flows (pre-built UI).


Signatory Form Signing Flow

We've added the ability to invite a Signatory to our Flows (pre-built UI) to handle the onboarding scenario where the payroll administrator is not an authorized signatory for the company.