Company Onboarding

Getting Started

This guide covers the steps to fully onboard a company for Gusto Embedded Payroll, which includes passing employer (company) and employee data. A company and its employees must be fully onboarded before the end user can process payroll.

To onboard a company for payroll, key inputs include company details (e.g. legal name, EIN), location(s), bank accounts, and other information. To onboard an employee, key inputs include employee details (e.g. name, addresses), pay rates (salaried or hourly), tax withholding, and so on. In practice, company, compensations, addresses, and tax/withholding information are relatively static.

Although APIs exist for the majority of Company and Employee Onboarding steps, Company state tax setup does not exist as public APIs at this time and must be completed using Gusto’s Onboarding Flows (Pre-built UI). Ultimately, our goal is to eventually support all company and employee onboarding steps using APIs so partners have the option to use APIs and/or our pre-built Flows to fully onboard a company and its employees.

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