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Deprecating emails

Currently, our system sends emails from to your customers to inform them of critical communications for compliance reasons. We plan to sunset direct email communications and transition partners to leverage our new partner notifications infrastructure.


In Q1 2024, we will be deprecating all critical emails after launching all remaining Notification categories.

The table below indicates which emails have been replaced with our new notification system. This is not a comprehensive list of all emails that are currently being sent to end users.

This migration is on-going; we will continue to update this page as new categories are rolled out. emailNotification category
Information requestsinformation_request
Employee invalid SSNinvalid_ssn
Bank error: failure to debit company bank accountbank_error.company_ach_debit_failure
Bank error: failure to credit beneficiary of a companybank_error.compensation_credit_failure
Bank error: failure to credit contractorbank_error.contractor_ach_credit_failure
Bank error: failure to debit contractorbank_error.contractor_ach_debit_failure
Bank error: failure to credit employeebank_error.employee_ach_credit_failure
Bank error: failure to debit employeebank_error.employee_ach_debit_failure
Bank error: failure to debit payroll on faster ACHbank_error.fast_payroll_ach_debit_r01_first_failure
Bank error: failure to debit contractor payment on faster ACHbank_error.fast_contractor_payment_ach_debit_r01_first_failure
Recovery case: R01 (Insufficient funds) bank errorrecovery_case.insufficient_funds
Recovery case: R02 (Account closed) bank errorrecovery_case.connect_new_bank
Recovery case: R16 (Account frozen) bank errorrecovery_case.unfreeze_bank_account
Recovery case: all other bank errorsrecovery_case.verify_bank_account
Invalid signatoryinvalid_signatory
Soft suspensionsoft_suspended
Auto Payroll Disabledauto_payroll.disabled
Auto Payroll Excluded Employeesauto_payroll.excluded_employees
Auto Payroll Failedauto_payroll.failed
Reconciliation Payroll Createdreconciliation_payroll_created
Company Rejectedcompany_rejected.rejected
Company Rejected - Bank Errorscompany_rejected.bank_errors
Company Rejected - Likely Fraudcompany_rejected.likely_fraud
Company Rejected - Suspicious Bankcompany_rejected.suspicious_bank

Last updated: Tuesday, February 6, 2024