Get Started

Now that you have your API credentials you can begin making API calls in our demo environment. To make things easier, you can download our Postman collection to your local machine. After importing, you just need to select the "Gusto Demo Collection" and update the "Current Value" of your variables with your unique demo API credentials: api_key client_id client_secret and redirect_uri

Create a company

Create a company using the Partner Managed Company endpoint and test some of our onboarding endpoints. A company and its employee must be fully onboarded and approved before you can run payroll. (Partner Managed Companies won’t appear in your Dev Portal account at this time. You can call the current user endpoint to verify company creation)

Recommended Guide: Company Onboarding

Run Payroll

If you'd prefer to test the payroll APIs without needing to fully onboard a company, you can skip onboarding by generating a demo company from your Developer Portal Account via the Demo Companies tab. This creates a fully onboarded company with employees and previous payroll data so you can begin testing immediately. After your demo company populates, you can authenticate using OAuth2.

Recommended Guide: Regular Payroll

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