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Change the contractor's onboarding status

Updates a contractor's onboarding status.

scope: contractors:write

Below is a list of valid onboarding status changes depending on the intended action to be performed on behalf of the contractor.

Actioncurrent onboarding_statusnew onboarding_status
Mark a contractor as self-onboardingadmin_onboarding_incompleteself_onboarding_not_invited
Invite a contractor to self-onboardadmin_onboarding_incomplete or self_onboarding_not_invitedself_onboarding_invited
Cancel a contractor's self-onboardingself_onboarding_invited or self_onboarding_not_invitedadmin_onboarding_incomplete
Review a contractor's self-onboarded infoself_onboarding_startedself_onboarding_review
Finish a contractor's onboardingadmin_onboarding_incomplete or self_onboarding_reviewonboarding_completed


When contractor is fully onboarded
The new hire report will be generated using the current data (work_state) (if contractor file_new_hire_report is set true)

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