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Get the employee's onboarding status


Retrieves an employee's onboarding status. The data returned helps inform the required onboarding steps and respective completion status.

scope: employees:read


Admin-facilitated onboarding

admin_onboarding_incompleteAdmin needs to complete the full employee-onboarding.
onboarding_completedEmployee has been fully onboarded and verified.

Employee self-onboarding

admin_onboarding_incompleteAdmin needs to enter basic information about the employee.
self_onboarding_pending_inviteAdmin has the intention to invite the employee to self-onboard (e.g., marking a checkbox), but the system has not yet sent the invitation.
self_onboarding_invitedEmployee has been sent an invitation to self-onboard.
self_onboarding_invited_startedEmployee has started the self-onboarding process.
self_onboarding_invited_overdueEmployee's start date has passed, and employee has still not completed self-onboarding.
self_onboarding_completed_by_employeeEmployee has completed entering in their information. The status should be updated via API to "self_onboarding_awaiting_admin_review" from here, once the Admin has started reviewing.
self_onboarding_awaiting_admin_reviewAdmin has started to verify the employee's information.
onboarding_completedEmployee has been fully onboarded and verified.


onboarding_stepsRequirement(s) to be completed
personal_detailsAdd employee's first name, last name, email, date of birth, social security number
compensation_detailsAssociate employee to a job & compensation.
add_work_addressAdd employee work address.
add_home_addressAdd employee home address.
federal_tax_setupSet up federal tax withholdings.
state_tax_setupSet up state tax withholdings.
direct_deposit_setup(optional) Set up employee's direct deposit.
employee_form_signingEmployee forms (e.g., W4, direct deposit authorization) are generated & signed.
file_new_hire_reportFile a new hire report for this employee.
admin_reviewAdmin reviews & confirms employee details (only required for Employee self-onboarding)
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