Verify a company bank account

Verify a company bank account by confirming the two micro-deposits sent to the bank account. Note that the order of the two deposits specified in request parameters does not matter. There's a maximum of 5 verification attempts, after which we will automatically initiate a new set of micro-deposits and require the bank account to be verified with the new micro-deposits.

Bank account verification in demo

We provide the endpoint POST '/v1/companies/{company_id}/bank_accounts/{bank_account_uuid}/send_test_deposits' to facilitate bank account verification in the demo environment. This endpoint simulates the micro-deposits transfer and returns them in the reponse. You can call this endpoint as many times as you wish to retrieve the values of the two micro deposits.

  POST '/v1/companies/89771af8-b964-472e-8064-554dfbcb56d9/bank_accounts/ade55e57-4800-4059-9ecd-fa29cfeb6dd2/send_test_deposits'

    "deposit_1": 0.02,
    "deposit_2": 0.42
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