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Get an employee's state taxes

Get attributes relevant for an employee's state taxes.

The data required to correctly calculate an employee's state taxes varies by both home and work location. This API returns information about each question that must be answered grouped by state. Mostly commonly, an employee lives and works in the same state and will only have questions for a single state. The response contains metadata about each question, the type of answer expected, and the current answer stored in Gusto for that question.

Answers are represented by an array. Today, this array can only be empty or contain exactly one element, but is designed to allow for forward compatibility with effective-dated fields. Until effective dated answers are supported, the valid_from and valid_up_to must always be "2010-01-01" and null respectively.

About filing new hire reports

Payroll Admins are responsible for filing a new hire report for each Employee. The file_new_hire_report question will only be listed if:

  • the employee.onboarding_status is one of the following:
    • admin_onboarding_incomplete
    • self_onboarding_awaiting_admin_review
  • that employee's work state requires filing a new hire report

scope: employee_state_taxes:read

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