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System Access Tokens

Starting from version 2024-04-01, the partner API Token is deprecated in favor of System Access Tokens. In addition to making system access more secure, this improvement lets you manage multiple applications per organization and properly perform system-level operations such as company creation and webhooks and related endpoints.


System Access Tokens cannot be used for company or employee level access

To access company or employee level data, Access Tokens must be used, as detailed in the OAuth2 guide.

To obtain a system access token, please make a request to the /oauth/token endpoint using system_access for the grant_type.

curl --location --request POST ''  
--header 'Content-Type: application/json'  
--data-raw '{  
  "client_id": "{{client_id}}",  
  "client_secret": "{{client_secret}}",  
  "grant_type": "system_access"  

The resulting token has a 2 hour expiration. Unlike company access tokens, you may request and use additional system access tokens while other system access tokens are still active. Hence it is not necessary to store the access token in the database if you prefer to request for a token just in time before a system request.

  "access_token": "PF9RH-QVnURJAY9-CHX0CC71HOPq7rClhJTdLdZOLt0",  
  "expires_in": 7200,  
  "token_type": "Bearer"  

The system access token can subsequently be used as a bearer token

Content-Type: application/json  
Authorization: Bearer PF9RH-QVnURJAY9-CHX0CC71HOPq7rClhJTdLdZOLt0