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Company Events

When subscribed to the Company webhooks you will receive the following events:

company.updatedCompany has been updated
company.provisionedOAuth grant created for the company
company.deprovisionedOAuth grant revoked for the company
company.approvedCompany has been approved
company.onboardedCompany has been onboarded

Example payload

  "event_type": "company.provisioned",
  "resource_type": "Company",
  "resource_id": 7756341741171842,
  "resource_uuid": "5df911a0-e8e9-412d-8aaf-a46ad193dd96",
  "entity_type": "Company",
  "entity_id": 7756341741171842,
  "entity_uuid": "5df911a0-e8e9-412d-8aaf-a46ad193dd96",
  "timestamp": 1671058841,

In the case of Company Events, the resource_type, resource_id, and resource_uuid, match the entity_type, entity_id, and entity_uuid.