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Form Events

When subscribed to the Form webhooks you will receive the following events:

company.form.createdCompany form has been created{"company_uuid": ""}
company.form.updatedCompany form has been updated{"company_uuid": ""}
company.form.signedCompany form has been signed{"company_uuid": ""}
contractor.form.createdContractor form has been created{"contractor_uuid": ""}
contractor.form.updatedContractor form has been update{"contractor_uuid": ""}
contractor.form.signedContractor form has been signed{"contractor_uuid": ""}
employee.form.createdEmployee form has been created{"employee_uuid": ""}
employee.form.updatedEmployee form has been update{"employee_uuid": ""}
employee.form.signedEmployee form has been signed{"employee_uuid": ""}

Form webhooks contain references that will have the additional UUIDs to call the Gusto API to retrieve the entire entity. The example below contains references because an employee UUID is required to retrieve the form from the API /v1/employees/{employee_uuid}/forms/{form_uuid}

Example payload

  "event_type": "employee.form.updated",
  "resource_type": "Company",
  "resource_id": 7756341741171842,
  "resource_uuid": "5df911a0-e8e9-412d-8aaf-a46ad193dd96",
  "entity_type": "Form",
  "entity_id": 7757842011281647,
  "entity_uuid": "c02f2c32-34f7-4128-9145-7d49f0c3f355",
  "timestamp": 1671058841,
  "references": {
    "employee_uuid": "5df911a0-e8e9-412d-8aaf-a46ad193dd96"