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This is the changelog for v2023-03-01, which contains breaking changes.

February, 2023

February may have been a shorter month, but it was filled with plenty of updates and improvements that we're excited to share with you in this edition of our changelog.


This is the changelog for v2023-02-01, which contains breaking changes.

January, 2023

Phew, January has flown by! We hope you're keeping up with your New Year's resolutions as 2023 gets into its groove.

December, 2022

Happy New Year! We hope you had a restful holiday season, and we are excited to share a number of improvements made in December.


This is the changelog for v2022-12-07, which contains breaking changes.

November, 2022

This is our first monthly App Integrations changelog! Changelogs will now be published at least monthly, unless there have been no external changes.


This is the changelog for v2022-11-01, which contains breaking changes.


This is the changelog for v2022-09-15, which contains breaking changes.