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App Integrations vs. Gusto Embedded

What's the difference between a Gusto App Integration vs Gusto Embedded Payroll, you may ask? This guide aims to answer that question and help you decide the solution best suited for your use case.

Note: We currently do not support API access for Gusto customers looking to connect their own company systems directly to their Gusto account using the API. We hope to offer this in the future and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

App Integrations

App Integrations are intended to be complimentary to Gusto's native web application, allowing you to push data to, pull data from, and update data in our system.

Users of App Integrations will typically be using both our and your product in concert, with data harmoniously flowing between the two platforms.

Example Use Cases

  • Pushing hours and earnings data to Gusto payrolls
  • Pushing newly hired candidates from an ATS platform to Gusto
  • Pulling employee rosters into a performance management platform
  • Pulling payroll data into an insights & analytics platform

Gusto Embedded

Gusto Embedded Payroll allows you to leverage Gusto's backend infrastructure, processes, functionality and support to provide payroll functionality directly within your own product.

Unlike with App Integrations, Embedded Payroll integrations are not intended to be complimentary to Gusto's native web application; instead, Embedded Payroll partners own the entire user experience, meaning users never have to come to to run payroll (or anything else).

You create the frontend, or leverage our pre-built whitelabled flows, and we'll take care of the backend, from calculating payrolls to filing taxes and ensuring your customers' employees are paid on time, rest easy that with 10+ years of experience under our belt, payroll will be as easy and delightful within your product as it is within our native web application.

Example Use Cases

  • Providing payroll functionality within a vertical SaaS platform
  • Providing payroll functionality within a time tracking platform
  • Providing payroll functionality within an accounting platform
  • Providing payroll functionality within a POS platform

Feature Comparison

The table below provides a high level feature comparison between App Integrations and Embedded Payroll.

Please note: This table is not comprehensive and is intended for illustrative purposes only

FeatureApp IntegrationsGusto Embedded
Create a Company
Onboard a Company
Update a Company
Retrieve a Company
Create an Employee
Onboard an Employee
Update an Employee
Retrieve an Employee
Create a Contractor
Onboard a Contractor
Update a Contractor
Retrieve a Contractor
Add Hours/Earnings to a Payroll
Add Benefits/Deductions to a Payroll
Run/Process a Payroll
Retrieve a Payroll
Retrieve a Paystub/Tax Form (PDF)
Pay a Contractor
Create and Manage a Time Off Policy
Terminate or Rehire an Employee

Ready to Get Started?

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