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Build an Application

Some tools just work better together.

Create your own app in Gusto to better support existing customers and even attract new ones. An integration streamlines data sharing, reduces manual entry, and friction between tools. We're building a robust ecosystem of apps our customers love and we can’t wait to add yours next. Here are a few ways Partners have integrated in the past:

  • Creation of Companies - spin up new Gusto accounts in one click
  • Employee Reconciliation - never enter employees in multiple platforms again
  • Hours and Earnings Sync - send hours and earnings for each payroll run to save time and money
  • PTO Request Sync - pull in PTO requests for accurate scheduling
  • Enhanced Analytics - leverage payroll cost information to allow businesses to budget responsibly
  • Real-time Forecasting - provide insight into to hiring and headcount needs
  • General Ledger Sync - use the Gusto Payroll data to build real-time journal entries
  • Tax Planning Information - pull in applicable payroll data to help with credit analysis and filings
  • Job Applicant Sync - sync new applicants to streamline your hiring

Once an integrated application is built to Gusto’s API and launched to GA, it will be published to Gusto’s in-app directory and website for customers to view, learn more, and connect.