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These docs are for v1.0.0. Click to read the latest docs for v2024-04-01.

Update a payroll

This endpoint allows you to update information for one or more employees for a specific unprocessed payroll. You can think of the unprocessed
payroll object as a template of fields that you can update. You cannot modify the structure of the payroll object through this endpoint, only values
of the fields included in the payroll. If you do not include specific employee compensations or fixed/hourly compensations in your request body, they
will not be removed from the payroll.

The payrolls are identified by their pay periods’ start_date and end_date. Both are required and must correspond with an existing, unprocessed payroll. If the dates do not match, the entire request will be rejected. This was an explicit design decision to remove any assumptions around the time span for data sent.

scope: payrolls:write

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