Paid Time Off


Attribute Type Read-Only Optional Default Description
name String X     the name of this paid time off type. Currently only ‘Vacation Hours’ and ‘Sick Hours’ are supported
accrual_unit String X     the unit this PTO is accrued in. Currently only ‘Hour’ is supported
accrual_period String X     how often the pto accrues. Currently only ‘Year’ is supported
accrual_rate String X     the rate at which accrual_unit is accrued per accrual_period
accrual_balance String X     how many accrual_units have been accrued
maximum_accrual_balance String X     the maximum accrual allowed. A null value signifies no maximum accrual
paid_at_termination Boolean X     whether to pay out the accrual_balance to the employee upon their termaination