Year-to-date Benefit Amounts from Different Company

This endpoint is under development and does not yet exist

Year-to-date benefit amounts from a different company represents the amount of money added to an employees plan during a current year, made outside of the current contribution when they were employed at a different company.


Attribute Type Read-Only Optional Default Description
benefit_id Integer       The id for the benefit got from the benefits api.
tax_year Integer       The tax year for which this amount applies.
ytd_employee_deduction_amount Float       The year-to-date employee deduction made outside the current company.
ytd_company_contribution_amount Float       The year-to-date company contribution made outside the current company.

Set the contribution and deduction amounts for an employee benefits made at a different company


Endpoint: /v1/employees/:employee_id/ytd_benefit_amounts_from_different_company

Returns: HTTP Status Code 204 (No Content) or errors which prevented creation