Employee’s Home Address

The home address of an employee determines some tax information about them. Addresses are geocoded on create/update to ensure validity.


Attribute Type Read-Only Optional Default Description
id Integer X     unique identifier of this address
version String X     version of this object. See the versioning documentation for a more in depth explaination of versions
employee_id Integer X     id of the employee to which this address belongs
street_1 String       first line of the address
street_2 String   X null second line of the address
city String       city of the address
state String       state of this address
zip String       zipcode of this address
country String   X “USA” country for this address
active Boolean X     status of the address, addresses with active: false have been deleted, but may still have historical data associated with them

Get an employee’s home address

HTTP Method: GET

Endpoint: /v1/employees/:employee_id/home_address

Returns: Address object for an employee’s home address

Sample Response Body:

  "id": 1402342024000,
  "version": "fe75bd065ff48b91c35fe8ff842f986c",
  "employee_id": 1402341716000,
  "street_1": "425 2nd Street",
  "street_2": "Suite 602",
  "city": "San Francisco",
  "state": "CA",
  "zip": "94107",
  "country": "USA"

Update an employee’s home address

HTTP Method: PUT

Endpoint: /v1/employees/:employee_id/home_address

Returns: Updated address or errors which prevented update

Sample Request Body:

  "version": "fe75bd065ff48b91c35fe8ff842f986c",
  "street_1": "300 3rd Street",
  "street_2": null,
  "city": "San Francisco",
  "state": "CA",
  "zip": "94107"