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What's new in v2024-03-01

  • Unprocessed payroll fixed compensation changes. These changes were made primarily to improve performance of the payroll API endpoints and you should experience faster Prepare a payroll and Update a payroll responses.
    • All fixed compensation types are no longer included in payrolls#prepare and payrolls#update responses. Instead we include a fixed_compensation_types array in the top level response of the payroll object.
    • To add a fixed compensation to an employee, in the payrolls#update request add an object to the fixed_compensations array with a valid name from the fixed_compensation_types and amount. Fixed compensations with $0.00 amounts will not be persisted and included in the payroll response
    • There are some exceptions for specific fixed compensation types, Owner's Draw, Minimum Wage Adjustment, and Severance cannot be added and will be included in the payrolls response when valid.
  • Payroll version is no longer included in the top level response of payrolls#prepare and payrolls#update. Instead each employee_compensation object now has a version field which must be included in payrolls#update requests. This is another performance improvement to better support partial payroll updates.
  • Notification status is no longer included in notifications#get response. Instead we recommend relying on subscribing to our Notifications webhooks and events#get endpoint to fetch notification status updates from our system and to store and update the notification in your own notification system.