The accounts API is for creating accounts for new customers on Gusto. With a minimum amount of information, partners may create a user, company, and the related permissions to go from setup onboarding information.

Note This endpoint requires authorization via Token Authentication with an API token. Normal OAuth credentials will not allow account creation.


Attribute Type Read-Only Optional Default Description
user Object       Information for the primary payroll administrator for the new company
user:first_name String       First name of the primary payroll administrator
user:last_name String       Last name of the primary payroll administrator
user:email String       Email address for primary payroll administrator. Will also be used as their login.
company Object       Information for the new company
company:name String       Company name. Must be at least two characters long.
company:states Array       List of states (two letter abbreviations) in which the company operates.

Create a new account


Endpoint: /v1/accounts

Returns: OAuth authorization code for new user or errors which prevented creation

Response Codes: 200, 422

Sample Request Body:

  "user": {
    "first_name": "Frank",
    "last_name": "Ocean",
    "email": ""
  "company": {
    "name": "Frank's Walrus Emporium",
    "states": ["CA", "WA", "TN"]

Sample Response Body

  "authorization_code": "4a8a08f09d37b73795649038408b5f3333f5b80483094659737b73d90f80a8a4"